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North American Counter-Strike is a mess. For various reasons we struggle with composing stable, team-based environemnts. By uniting as a system of allied players; spectating, discussing and competing against one another, we believe we create the best possible environment for stimulating growth of our players.

I played on the Scrubjays, my time here taught me what it takes to get to the next level in this game. If you're looking for a good team to learn and grow with, join the farm system.

Austin AJaxz Janocha
Champion | ESEA Advanced Season 37

Upcoming Dates

  1. Applications go live for tryouts.

    9AM EST

  2. Applications close and responses are sent.

    11:59 PM EST

  3. Tryouts - nightly drills and scrimmages


  4. Last day of tryouts and final recruitments made


What to expect

Daily Check-ins

Every day before practice we spend a few moments to review, catch-up and reflect on what we should focus on.

Like-minded Teammates

When you play in the farm system, you know all of your teammates are there to improve.

Open Communication

We foster an open and honest communication style that emphasizes mutual respect. This is modeled from the leadership down to the tryouts.

Build a legacy

We save our demos, voice comms, tactics and make regular video content commemorating your efforts.

Season 1 Teams

We started the farm system last season by recruiting over 20 players and forming three separate teams. All three teams clenched a playoff birth and go into the post-season looking stronger than ever.